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Milano Inglese - Insegnanti di inglese a Milano

MilanoInglese is a website which markets the services of a small group of private English teachers working in Milano, Italy. Not wanting to create a traditional language school, yet wanting to compete with local language schools, a group of freelance English teachers got together in 2009 and created what is best described as a teacher cooperative. Advertising their services as a group of individuals and sharing their marketing costs and benefits, the group needed a website, which we built.

Private students and local companies looking for an English teacher in Milan have no difficulty finding MilanoInglese - it has been the Number One result in related Google searches since 2010! Thanks to the level of interest this helped raise, the original group of 4 teachers has grown steadily over the years and now numbers over 30, most of whom are full-time freelance teachers. Visitors to the site can browse the list of teachers to see who is available in their area, read about the teacher and then contact the teacher directly, if they want. There is also a language resource section, including language quizzes, grammar guides and an automated level test for people who are studying alone.

To avoid confusion, English-language pages with information for new teachers interested in teaching English in Milan hosted on a sister website, This is where teachers can read about the site and, if they choose, apply to join the group. Open only to mother-tongue teachers, the group does not accept everybody who applies to join, preferring to concentrate on maintaining a quality pool of teachers rather that diluting the amount of work available.

Currently in it's third reincarnation, MilanoInglese is a simple HTML website, built for quick loading, ease of use and seo performance. It's easy to navigate (assuming you read Italian!) and pages typically load in around half a second. Fully responsive and compatible with all browser types, it's a very good example of how keeping things simple is almost always the answer. As we've already said, it has been one of the top results in Google searches for the past 7 or so years. What more could you want from a website?

Milano inglese
Insegnanti d'inglese
MilanoInglese elenca solo insegnanti madrelingua inglese che offrono corsi di inglese a Milano e altre province della Lombardia. Clicca su 'trovare un insegnante' e trova gli insegnanti di inglese che forniscono corsi di inglese nella tua zona, dopodiché puoi contattarli direttamente.

Need a website like this? and its sister site were built using simple HTML, focussing on speed, ease of use and seo performance. MilanoInglese is updated frequently, at least once a month, and none of the teachers involved with the site have the time to do it themselves, so we perform the updates and host the site on our server. We could easily have built the site using WordPress, which would have allowed the teachers to update their own pages at will, but this would also have robbed the site of a little speed and simplicity. If you're interested in getting a website like this, get in touch with us. Our prices are more than affordable and you are guaranteed a professionally-built website that will do you proud, and personal service. For more information click here to read about our website design services, or click below to request a personalised quote.